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Danielle was born and raised in the great city of Chicago, Il. She always had her hand in writing even at the early age of 12. When she was in elementary school, she wrote her first book, "High School Blues" and received an award for her story and illustrations. Through high school she loved to write poetry and share them with her friends. When she went away to College, she auditioned for a theater group on campus and discovered her love for not only acting in plays but writing them! She wrote her first play and produced it in April,1999. After college she began her teaching career in elementary education. In 2017, Danielle published her first book, "Single Wife, Single Life; My story, My triumph!", a divorce care book for women of all ages. She also completed a series of childrens' books! Danielle simply enjoys writing. Her plan is to be known for her ability to write many genres. Keep a look out for Danielle. She may be in the children's aisle, the educational aisle, or the adult aisle! Living a life unapologetically, healed, whole, and happy!

Bio: About Me
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